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great game, though it'd be good if we could grind it, like add higher lvl cards and a way to obtain some when u can't beat the next castle.

Interesting ideas! Thanks for the feedback :)


Fun concept, but i think that last levels are too hard. 

Thank you for liking it and the feedback :)


It was very fun, but it would be nice to see what you would get out of fusing cards before you do it. Sometimes an upgraded card wouldn't really be worth it if I knew what I was getting. That's all though, amazing game.

Thanks and a nice idea!

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I really liked this game, I wish it was longer and had more cards. Awesome game!<3 

Thank you
Perhaps one day I will make a "full version" out of it :)

Great game, I think you could make a online game based on this

Thanks! :)


Haha, thanks, perhaps on the not too distant future :)


Fun little game! This would be awesome multiplayer or co-op. Or just a longer storyline/randomly generated harder levels! Love the aesthetic and potential!



Recommendations: forget the catapults, forget the healers; so long as you're laying down a constant wave of fighters/archers, the enemy will never get a single hit on your castle.  When you pick up healing cards, don't merge them; you want 2-3 in your hand to keep your units alive.

to add to this. upgrading archers is a mini trap. after the first upgrade they get just slightly too exspensive to get out fast enough. and if you use all your cheap units on upgrades to will need to restart from the beginning.

fun game though.


Nice tip :)


Just finished it and man was this fun!!

I like every aspect of this litte game and I can't wait for more stuff you guys make!

Keep up the great work!

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Thanks for giving the game a try and for such an encouraging comment! :)

Amazing game! I had good fun!
The last level feels impossible though, I gave up after a few attempts - and there's nothing more I can do for my deck.
Would be good if you could go back to previous levels to earn more cards so I can continue improving my deck if you're stuck.
Fun experience!

Thanks for playing!

The last level is indeed hard but beatable ;)

I loved this art style! Very fun game!!
The only suggestion I have would be to make the Healer stay back behind the front lines instead of running straight to enemies to get one shotted

Good idea! Thanks!

dude it's the game i was looking for. characters are so cute and the combine part is very good. add endless mode please. or i will send a catapult to your house :D

Haha, thanks for the kind comment!

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Good Game, Its A Shame Its So Short 


Thanks for playing and making a youtube video!

Thats so cool! When you may be makin a second part, maybe add multiplayer or smth that would be nice

That would be nice (although big) addition for sure :)


Very cool!



Can You Add Endless Mode Or Something Cuz The Game Is Amazing



Perhaps in Nethercard Kingdom II ? ;)

Why is the sound so good, this music is amazing


Thank you! :)

Even the music and the sound effect is good too and I'm not sure you make how did you make that bow sound?

Hmmm... sorry, don't remember how it was made :(


It look exactly what I was draw when I was about 5, is so fun.

Thank you! :)

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i was looking for a 32 bit singleplayer cardbattling game, then i stumbled upon this game. it looked ok at first, but it needs better art style, more levels and obviously more cards, its a nice little game, and when in battle i noticed a cool thing, which is the gameplay speed. my rating: 7, would recommend!!

Thank's for the feedback!

Loving version 1.2! Super smooth game play.  Great work!

Thank you! :)

When I click "play" the music changes, but the visual display does not, and it doesn't respond to mouse input.  Firefox 72.0.2

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Thanks for reporting :)

I will investigate and try to fix it

EDIT: What OS is it running on?

Linux, tho I loaded it up in Chromium 80.0.3987.100 and it's working fine.    Wish I knew how to dig out the software versions of the Unity 3D each browser is using.

Good to here it's working for you at least in Chrome

We tested it in the same browser as you have but it Win10 and it's working normally

Not sure why the differences between OS :(
Perhaps it has something to do how they implement WebGL?

BWT: Hope it will get fixed with the new Firefox 73 that just came out :)

So whens the full expanded deluxe edition release or crowdfunding campaign? ๐Ÿ˜‰

We'll keep you posted!๐Ÿ˜‰

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Great job on the game! I love the art, music, and game play.

I ran into some bugs with the deck building I thought I would let you know about though. When upgrading and moving cards I found that after a few actions my cards start disappearing. I would place a card from the lower box to the deck box and it would just disappear. Also on the second to last level I finished upgrading and sorting my deck, went into battle, and found my deck replaced with the default deck from level one, and after loosing and looking at the deck builder again it was still the basic cards.

This was on windows in the Mozilla browser.


Thanks for playing our game!

And thanks for reporting the issues, I've added them to our list of things to look in to :)