Welcome to Alien Overrun!

This is tower defense/light RTS game about defending against waves of enemies who have invaded our world.

In response to the invasion the best, and sometimes but not always, the brightest mages started to build enclaves to defend us from the menace, gather resources and help us survive.

This project was created as a collaboration within Gamkedo Club with people from around the globe. I was the project lead, did most of the programming, some art and majority of design. For more information please see Credits in-game.

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Made withUnity
TagsReal time strategy, Tower Defense


Alien Overrun Win.zip 62 MB
Alien Overrun Mac.app.zip 81 MB
Alien Overrun Linux.zip 69 MB

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Fun game, nice job :-)


1. in fullscreen mode buttons is not clicable.

2. Sounds overlayed and make some distortion, when a lot of towers

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Thank you! :) And thank you for your feedback

1. Which buttons? All of them?
2. We will be working on it, trying to fix it

At least all building buttons; do not remember about menu ones.

So it not possible to build anything in fullscreen.

I have 1920x1200 resolution, if it helps.

(1 edit)

Thanks! :)

I've added all the details to our post-launch bug list

We will be updating the game next week

I hope it wasn't a game-breaking bug for you

I tried to replicate the bug you've reported but couldn't. I've used very similar resolution  but everything seem to work

Tried different browsers but it made no difference

Would like to fix it but not sure how if I can't reproduce it :(