PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam


20 000 Pixels Under the Sea 51 MB


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Pretty ingenious!

Thanks! :)


Nice game, never played game with these controls, but it was an unique experience. Would have loved a boss fight or something to finish it all off, because the fishes didn't even come close to me. Other than that it's nice.

Excellent idea!

Thank you for your feedback and taking the time to play our game! :)

This is a truly fun and challenging game that i had a lot of fun with, thanks for the cool experience and I hope you make more awesome  games like this in the future. 

Thank you for your lovely feedback! We will definitely do our best! :)

Fun and ingenious -  the only 1-bit-input game I know of other than Fishing Girl - but the ending (?) is a bit annoying - the objective is supposed to be "survive all the waves" but the "Final Wave" seems to just repeat over and over again indefinitely.  Valid design choice, but be up-front about it.

Also I got through the whole (?) thing without ever realizing that the floating light was supposed to be picked up. I thought it was a hint as to the direction of the next fish or something.

All valid things

We'll try next time to be more clear and add more content

That's for the feedback :)

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I don't think it necessarily needs more content, just a "Congratulations!" splash after the first Final Wave with the option to carry on afterwards.

Yeah, makes sense, thanks :)

Hey there, I really like your submission. Even though there are few part in total (money, enemies, your submarine), it really help to keep on playing with the scaling difficulty and upgrades.

Things I could see some  improvements on:

- make the space bar sound less annoying

- have indications what area is covered by which gun. It is sometimes a bit unclear whether you can hit an enemy with a gun or not

- The coin feals a bit out of place (some blowing, shiny coin flowting at the oceans ground). Maybe there are other "currencys" for upgrades. eg. metal scrap or materials in general

Otherwise I enjoyed my time playing your game.

So much so that it made it into my favorite video.

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Oh, that's so awesome!!! Thanks for including it in your video!

Also, your feedback is spot on and we will be keeping it in mind during our game jam - thanks!

I am happy that I could help and look forward for improvents and new submmissios of your crew.

Nice game guys, here's some feedback:

  • Good looking art and clean UI.
  • Lot's of upgrades to give the feeling of progression. Though when you upgrade the max hp, the current hp remains the same and you need to regenerate a bunch of hp to fill it up.
  • Clunky controls, because everything is done in morse code. Though I understand that this is for the theme and this is what makes the game unique.
  • The morse code sounds are quite annoying.
  • The upper gun often doesn't shoot at enemies. I guess this is because they have to be a certain amount above the gun. However, the bottom gun can fire above it or below it with no problems.
  • The floating coin pickup doesn't really look like a coin, so I didn't understand at first that it was a pickup.

That's some great feedback!

Thank you for playing our game and taking the time to write such detailed feedback!

Really like it... animations could do a better work at making the enviorment and the player be more alive, but it's a 10/10 in concept. If you want my feedback, personally for me the tutorial was a little clunky, i was kinda trapped and the space bar didn't obey the tutorial dialoges, and i think the sound of a correct command and a wrong one could have been a unique for each, would help to get information with other senses. For three days, i gotta say it's perfect though.

I'm an animator and a musician, so if anyone's looking to make a game i would love to help, as i'm looking to start something any of these days to get something going on. My last game can be found in my profile, though it does not really reflect very well my animations, as the camera design don't make the characters get much detail.

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Thank you for your kind words and for the honest feedback

I think you are right at all counts and like you said it was only three days/48h (Or in our case even less! Since on Saturday evening we had to abandon our originally chosen idea due to technical issues :D )

PS: About your offer with animations - I will redirect it to a friend, but can't promise anything ;-)

hey Fela! thanks for comment! Already we're making a platformer and actually we're looking for animator. If you're interested pm me ;)

Indeed I am, dunno how to PM through here, but my discord is fela #9204. I'll be glad to help.

ok! I invited you on discord :D

This is a great game! I learned morse code a while back and it's fun to get to put it to use. Cool concept of a game, didn't play too long but I enjoyed it!

Thank you for playing the your feedback! 

Amazing game!

Thanks! :)