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Another great jam game!  Had no hickups (Windows 10, Chrome)

The system is very intuitive, though the hint that it was based off of pikmin may have helped.  I loved the idea of looping through the same area.  Even though I could see everything the game doesn't feel tedious.  Very smart to make the level so short. 

That flyover at the end is a great touch.  Can't wait for your next one :)

Thank you for playing our game and for such detailed feedback!

I coulden't get past the first room, is something supposed to happen when you send the ghost on the flame ?

Same. Gives me error when clicking on the door.

Sorry to hear that :(

Just tested it and it worked on Win10/Opera

What system/browser are you using?

I'm using Win10 and ran the game in Chrome idk.

That's strange... Opera is based on Chrome so it should work the same :(

I've added executable versions, same as WebGL but for Windows and Mac

I know it's a bit of a hustle, but it's an alternative

Would you kindly let me know if it works for you?